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Regardless of all of the updates

Connected: speaking of free MMOs, here are a few to check out in case your Steam wallet is empty. I recently tried to log into to safest website to buy runescape gold a very old email accounts, which I could only do by hunting down an even elderly login for Runescape. A username may bring back a lot of memories as it happens, especially one like g0ds1ayer94. This saga got me thinking: what's ol' Runie like these days? Fuelled by nostalgia, I created a new account and started exploring the fantasy world of Gielinor once again.

In the ten years I have been off, Runescape has gone out of a fantasy-themed chatroom to a fully fledged MMO, complete with its own annual festival, a card game twist off and sufficient content to produce 12-year-old me weak at the knees. If you can believe it, you need to really download the latest version of the game.

It is a game that's maintained many of its players through continuous updates and unrivalled audience interaction; log off for a month and you may have missed something the community will be referencing for the next few decades.

I logged off for ten years.In that time, Jagex have revived their old tutorial island, added a totally new combat system, overhauled the entire game engine five times and stuffed the game world with roughly 200 new quests. And those are only the largest changes: Runescape has also received around 650 other feature upgrades in that time, and of course countless patches and fixes that have been deployed. The fact that Jagex eliminated the Wilderness for three years still feels like an insult into a past self - even if I was not playing at the time.

Ten years has done nothing to weather this beast.

Regardless of all of the updates, slipping back to the identical old regime of milling resources and sprinting to the closest bank to market them is eloquent.

My expertise of Runescape at 2006 was mainly this: grind for hours, buy a few shiny new gear, smash keyboard upon realising my combat level wasn't high enough to equip it, grind combat degrees, equip gear, get killed in the Wilderness, lose shiny new gear, repeat. Every month or two I would decide it was time to initiate best skill for money osrs a new account, motivated by some specialist build I had seen or an inexplicable desire to live a simple life and become some sort of fabled hermit. Honestly, 12-year-old me believed that would be a fun thing to do.

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