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I got zero Superior Engraved Gollux Pendants

And for the bot spammers that stand in FM1 and spam advertisements for illegal trading sites, could not a text filter be created to recognize the words they use, assess if it's been repeated several times, then automatically ban them Buy Maplestory 2 Mesos? I've been playing MS2 mesos for approximately 8 decades now and I wish I could help out the community more by having the ability to just ban obvious botters using a couple of clicks, since I run across them often. It is frustrating.

This amount includes various methods of payment transformed into maplestory2 mesos

I returned to this match to the end of last August, with the only goal of trying to reach 2mil range, with no dipping into my pockets, of course. This was an achievement worth something due to how fairly obvious it is that 99 have invested a significant quantity of cash to'attain' it.

Eight weeks later, after having accrued around 300bil worthiness of mesos without selling one item from leech (this number includes various methods of payment converted into maplestory2 mesos with the standard rates in the market ), I have finally accomplished my objective. I am currently a 212 Night Lord at Renegades that will solo Hard Magnus, the initial three Chaos Root Abyss directors, and Hell Gollux.

But, instead of finding this'end game' status profitable, I just find no distinction whatsoever between where I am now, as well as where I had been several months ago, when I was barely scratching through Hard Gollux.

During the first 3 days after my solo, I have got a'total' of 150mil. To put this in view, in March, my income that is converted was 3bil per day. This 150mil (a pitiful 5% of this ) isn't indicative of a minimal supply of items that I would have (I attract fall mules into all of my runs, and have a limitless supply of these); instead, it's simply due to the simple fact that these end game drops are so common that their market looks like that of'best competition,' in which the'willingness to accept' for sellers is essentially zero since these items don't have any value at all to them.

I got zero Superior Engraved Gollux Pendants, and have soloed Hell Gollux 15 occasions. Had I even obtained one and sold it for market price, which could be a meager 30 mil per day for killing Hell Gollux (coins sold ). Instead MS2 Mesos, based on empirical data, the fall rate of this pendant is approximately 2-3%, which is completely understandable due to the propensity of pay-to-win players to carry themselves repeatedly in these boss conducts. This percentage yields an output of 15-20mil per day, blowing off the coin drops.

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